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Eight days a week

No doubt Mrs Suarez is busy writing up a list of jobs that she needs doing around the house that Luis can get on with now that he has some time on his hands. Alternatively, she may be thinking about a nice long holiday with her family in Uruguay.

There has been no such respite for the poor television spectator, who has been tied to his chair seven days a week putting himself through three or four matches a day. It requires a certain sort of stamina, and not everyone can do it.

That’s part of the challenge of seven day working in pharmacy…

  • It isn’t just a question of repeating the five days on the other two.
  • Nobody could do that.
  • Which services need to be provided on a seven-day basis?
  • Is there any reason to drag quality control pharmacists in at weekends, apart from the natural desire to wipe the smug grins off their faces?

Richard Hey, Chief Pharmacist at Central Manchester University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, will be leading a satellite session at the Pharmacy Management National Forum on the challenges of seven day working in pharmacy in the acute sector.

He doesn’t know all the answers, but I bet he’ll know all the big questions. And if we put our heads together we’ll have a better chance of finding those answers.

I’d hate to think we were biting off more than we can chew.