Compliance and Transparency

We are committed to openness in all we do, so far as it is consistent with duties of confidentiality we owe to others, and to conducting our business in accordance with the highest standards of practice. 

We have issued a statement on Transparency and Governance in Dealings with the NHS. This sets out the company's position on these important issues and guarantees that any departure from those standards will be addressed by our Chairman in person.

Although we are not members of ABPI we bind ourselves to deliver our activities in compliance with the ABPI Code of Practice.

Any market research we undertake is conducted in accordance with the standards set out by the British Healthcare Business Intelligence Association.

We maintain personal data records for customers so that we can ensure that they are offered appropriate services and for the purposes described in our Information Commissioner's Office Register Entry. These records consist of the individual profiles that each person supplies at registration for this website. Accordingly, at any time a person can inspect the record that we are holding for them by viewing their profile. Our ICO registration certificate is here.

For all our events we produce transparency statements clarifying who has provided funding to enable them. We have also organised training sessions with the specialists at CompliMed Ltd to explain issues of compliance and the ABPI Code of Practice. Whenever we hold a meeting, the chairman is asked to verify afterwards that it has been conducted in accordance with the Code of Practice.

The key documents that express our aims are:

The Pharmacy Management Charter

Transfers of Value and their Disclosure

If you have any questions about compliance and transparency, please contact us and we'll find an answer for you.


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