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How can good Medicines Optimisation keep patients out of hospital?

Surely one of the tests of “putting patients first” must be to maintain quality of life and reduce stress associated with illness?
Turning the concept of Medicines Optimisation into reality is the opportunity for the pharmacy profession to create a new dawn in the perception of the profession and to enhance the position as a key supporting role for enhanced patient care.
Andrew Cooke from Bedfordshire CCG will deliver a practical session that answers many questions that must be on other people’s minds.

Can Hospitals become their own Supplier of Homecare?

Can you imagine the contract negotiations if the Acute Trust sets up its own Homecare Supplier Organisation?
Who would have thought that it was possible to do it all yourself and not involve a third party?
How will NHS England view the situation?
What is the governance framework going to have to deal with that is different to a third part arrangement.
How does the VAT saving come together?
These and other questions will be answered by Inderjit Singh – Chief Pharmacist of Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Birmingham

Medicines Optimisation – How can data help us to get it right?

Unravelling information can often be a pre-requisite for understanding what actions will be required to bring success to the party.
Busy NHS Professionals are under pressure to perform in a results-orientated NHS so any aid to simplifying decision-making and aid success has to be welcome.
Clare Howard FRPharmS (immediate past Deputy Chief Pharmaceutical Officer of NHS England) will examine the work to date on the Medicines Optimisation Dashboard and illustrate how information plays a major part in creating the environment for success in the delivery of patient centred care.
Come and hear “Medicines Optimisation – How can Data help us to get it right?” with Clare Howard FRPharmS at the Pharmacy Management FORUM WORKSHOP

So where do Patients sit at the table of Medicines Optimisation?

Concepts always can catch the imagination but turning concepts in to reality can be often test the resolve of many a good NHS professional.
Over the last few years pharmacy has been entrusted with the development of Medicines Optimisation but central to the success of this process is the engagement of patients in the dialogue and the move towards the betterment of outcomes.
Professor Nina Barnett (Consultant Pharmacist) has specialised in this patient interface and has produced a number of aids to assist in pharmacists in taking patients with them on the journey towards Medicines Optimisation
Come and hear “Engaging with Patients to maximise Medicines Optimisation” by Professor Nina Barnett at the Pharmacy Management FORUM WORKSHOP

Could HOMECARE slip through the Governance net?

The NHS is a big beast at the best of times and communication can be challenging.
Imagine how that must be stretched and put under pressure when the patient’s medicines are being managed between the Acute Hospital and organisations out there in community land.
In a busy NHS that is dealing on a daily basis with tens of thousands of patients , the potential for errors must be magnified.
Come and hear Dr David Cousins PhD, FRPharmS deliver
“What does good Governance look like in Homecare?” at the Pharmacy Management FORUM WORKSHOP