Monthly Archives: August 2016

A Grand Day Out (x4)

If pushed, we are prepared to concede that there is probably more work involved in organising an Olympic Games than our national meetings. However, the IOC has one great advantage – they only have one at a time and they’ve got years to do the planning. Pharmacy Management currently has no less than four national meetings on the stocks!

First, we have the National Forum for Scotland on 24th August. On 7th October we’ll be in London for a southern version of our successful JoMO-UKCPA meeting on medicines optimisation in diabetes. Just six weeks later, on 16th November, we’ll stage our flagship Forum Workshop in London on medicines optimisation in the frail and elderly patient, a group in whom the management of multiple long term conditions adds real complexity. And on 1st February next year we’ll collaborate with UKCPA once more, this time on medicines optimisation in respiratory conditions.

These collaborations work really well. Professional colleagues help us identify topics with high relevance to the audience, and then to find good speakers to deliver them. Despite the difficult conditions we all face today, there is no shortage of appetite for good learning opportunities.

It’s very easy to tell ourselves we’ll try to sort out our CPD in the odd moments between elements of the day job, but it rarely seems to happen. Days like these four give us a break to refresh, recharge and renew. They make a grand day out for a team too.

When you arrive we put a cup of coffee in your hand and let you start networking. it’s not much of an Opening Ceremony, but it’s been a popular one.