Monthly Archives: August 2015

Here we go again…!

The agenda for the Pharmacy Management National Forum Workshop has been released today, and you may think it looks a bit stripped down, so I thought I’d take a moment to explain why we’ve made the changes.

Feedback from last year’s event was overwhelmingly positive and constructive, and a key message was that people like the satellites and they like putting their own day together from a range of choices. They thought 45 minutes wasn’t enough for some subjects and they wanted 4 satellites rather than 3 if possible.

We looked long and hard at the options, but one thing we pride ourselves on at PM is that events finish when we say they will, and we wanted to close the meeting before the rush hour to help people’s travel plans.

Then it struck us – who says a meeting has to have plenaries? If delegates want networking and satellites, that’s what we’ll have. In just over six hours we’ve fitted four 1-hour satellites and 130 minutes of networking.

We’ll have 28 satellites so at any given time slot you’ll have a choice of seven.

Registration opens on 14th September.