Journal of Pharmacy Management - Jan 2022

Journal of Pharmacy Management • Volume 38 • Issue 1 • January 2022 24 Question 4: What was the impact, if any, of the support your received in relation to your: Clinical practice a) Continuing professional development b) Personal support with managing challenges in the role Please give me some examples if you can Prompts: Do you think you would’ve benefitted from this support earlier in your career? Prompts: What support would you have chosen to receive then and now? Prompts: Would you continue with the clinical support that you received? Question 5: What would you change, if anything, about the coaching andmentoring that you have received? (please provide examples) Prompts: Which aspects of the coaching did you find more or less useful than others? Question 6: What do you feel is the added value of coaching support? Prompts: Is there anything in particular you found useful from having this support? Prompts: Are there any areas in terms of or direct patient care, your own professional practice or the wider service, that you require more support with?