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October 2021

A review of the implications of the ‘net zero’ report for pharmacy practice (Andrew-K Walker)
Reducing the environmental impact of respiratory medicines: Guidelines for healthcare professionals (Lukasz Marcin Walijewski)
Students’ opinion on the changes to the pharmacy curriculum from 4 to 5 years and the change from a pre-registration year to a foundation year (Eden Maxwell, Hana Morrissey and Patrick Ball)
Introducing the FIPWiSE toolkit for positive practice environments for women in science and education
SPONSORED ARTICLE: Sodium Valproate – why it is an ideal candidate for a medication review (Joela Mathews)
MANAGEMENT CONUNDRUM: All change – or not? (Ben Garner)
LEADERSHIP: Listen (Dave Cosgrove)
AFTERWORD (Graham Brack)

July 2021

Exploring perspectives on barriers to transition as an Early Careers Pharmacist across care settings (Emma Pearson)
Our experience as intensive care pharmacists during the COVID-19 pandemic (Sarraa Al-Mahdi, Zahra Bachoo, Kellie Dombrowsky, Elizabeth Fleet, Pooja Gudka, Paresh Parmar, Radha Patel, Sonali Patel, Khyati Shah, Man To Wong and Nina Barnett)
A service evaluation to determine the views of the ostomates using the Nottinghamshire Appliance Management Service (Andrew Bird)
REFLECTION: My career as a Highly Specialist Mental Health Pharmacist managing a COVID-19 outbreak in a large London Mental
Health Unit (Priyanka Chopra with Azizah Attard and Raj Parekh)

MANAGEMENT CONUNDRUM: All change – or not? (Graham Brack)
LEADERSHIP: Making Home Working Work (Dave Cosgrove)

April 2021

Women count (Saša Janković)
Leadership and Lessons Learned (Rose Marie Parr)
Women in pharmacy leadership (Catherine Duggan)
Succeeding as a Wife, Mum and Pharmacist (Diane Ashiru-Oredope)
Questions and answers with Richard Cattell
Growing up (Thorrun Govind)
Successful Juggling (Laura Buckley)
A Woman in Academia (Hamde Nazar)
Is it different for pharmacy technicians? (Samantha Quaye)
Being a Diamond (Lelly Oboh)
“I’m well aware that I have a responsibility not only to open the door for other women and minorities to enable them to fulfil their
potential, but also to keep that door open for future generations.” (Kim Innes)

What is the RPS doing? (Amandeep Doll)
LEADERSHIP: Managing Self Talk (Dave Cosgrove)

January 2021

Rethinking our services during COVID-19 pandemic - using ‘drive through’ principles (Mildred Johnson)
ADVICE TO A NEW PHARMACIST: (Anthony Young, Minesh Parbat, Finlay Royle and Sue Wen Leo)
FACE2FACE: Advanced Pharmacist Practitioner (Martina Khundakar)
FACE2FACE: Public Health England Pharmacist (Jackie Lamberty)
MANAGEMENT CONUNDRUM: Assessing the desirability of home working (Luke Groves)
LEADERSHIP: Effective Team Leadership? Get the Basics right! (Allan Mackintosh) 

October 2020

A Tribute to Alex Bower (Ted Butler)
Accelerating the uptake of biosimilars with a high cost drugs in-reach pharmacist (Jasmit Sagoo and Fozia Akhtar)
The Clinical and Economic Benefits of Pharmacist Interventions on Acute Admission (Jun Tze Saw)
What does primary care know of penicillin allergy de-labelling? – A small survey (Mike Wilcock, Marco Motta and Neil Powell)
Our experience of the GP/Hospital split pre-registration placement (E. Cramp, N. Sisodia, H. Mambwe and V. Morley)
How to develop a successful business case for Outpatient Parenteral Antimicrobial Therapy (OPAT) service (Sue Wen Leo)
LEADERSHIP: Motivation in Pharmacy and the part you play (Stuart Maddocks)

July 2020

Creating an effective respiratory cost-saving programme (Dr Emily Kennedy)

itor’s AfterwordCLIPPINGS:
CLIP experience: Lead Pharmacist for GP Federation (Mary McBride)
CLIP experience: from General Practice Pharmacist to Lead General Practice Pharmacist (Aislinn McCarry)
CLIP experience: from Community Pharmacist to Lead GP Practice Pharmacist (Claire Millar)

FACE2FACE: Advanced Pharmacist Practitioner: Disability Community Treatment Team (Kamron Ashtiani)
MANAGEMENT CONUNDRUM: Can you spot stress and what can you do to improve the mental health of staff? (Imogen Tamsin Gray)
LEADERSHIP: How to make your meetings more productive (Hilary Shields)

April 2020

Delivery cycle optimisation to reduce medicines wastage in homecare services (Anusha Patel)
Upper respiratory tract infections in primary care as an opportunity for antimicrobial stewardship (Marco Motta, Fiona Lee and Michael Wilcock)
CLIPPINGS: Insulin safety – clinical pharmacy leadership for the 'Making Insulin Treatment Safer' (MITS) project (Rosemary Donnelly)
FACE2FACE: A portfolio role: Programme Director, Highland Pharmacy Education & Research Centre (HPERC), Inverness, NHS Highland (Gordon Rushworth)
MANAGEMENT CONUNDRUM: Protected time for training – it’s just a fallacy, isn’t it?
LEADERSHIP: The value of coaching


January 2020

General Practitioners’ views on deprescribing in the hospital setting (Michael Wilcock and Marco Motta)
Experiential learning opportunities for undergraduate pharmacy students in community pharmacies in the United Kingdom (Amardeep Singh, Dr Hana Morrissey and Professor Patrick Ball)
CLARION CALL: Equipping pharmacists for the modern NHS; how can we achieve Education Optimisation’? (Dr Julie Sowter, Sandra Martin and Diane Webb)
FACE2FACE: Primary Care Cluster Pharmacist (Lloyd Hambridge)
MANAGEMENT CONUNDRUM: Whither should I go in my career?
LEADERSHIP: Prioritise as a Leader – email triage tips

October 2019

Implementation of pharmacist-led falls-related medication reviews: a quality improvement project (QIP) (Alexandra Cardoso, Patricia McCormick and Poureya Aghakhani)
How GP clinical pharmacists are developing respiratory medicines optimisation (Kay Saini)
FACE2FACE: Advanced Pharmacist Practitioner, Northumberland Memory Service and Older Adult Community Treatment Teams (Laura Stavert)
MANAGEMENT CONUNDRUM: Trouble at the mill!
LEADERSHIP: Leadership dialogue – creative approaches to negotiation

July 2019

Summary Care Record (SCR): impact on medicines reconciliation and patient care in a private healthcare hospital providing NHS services;
a small-scale proof of concept study (Andrew Walker, Mindaugas Rudokas and Kevin Lake)

Medicines optimisation in Care Homes (MOCH): the role of pharmacy technicians (Zafiat Quadry)
SPONSORED ARTICLE: Assessment of the Impact of Schizophrenia on Healthcare Resource Use Among Patients with Cardiometabolic Conditions in England: Insights from Big Data Analysis (Adrian Paul J. Rabe, Yasir Hassan and David J. Tait)
FACE2FACE: Psychiatric Liaison Team Pharmacist (Steve Storey)
MANAGEMENT CONUNDRUM: The Workforce Challenge: will pharmacy get it sorted?
LEADERSHIP: The Upside to Conflict

April 2019

Discharge Communications From Hospital To Community Pharmacy - Reasons For Rejection (Michael Wilcock, Liam Kelly and Phil Yelling)
Optimising The Use Of Inhalers In The Care Home Setting: (Sally-Jane Hamilton, Sharon Tansley and Jackie Smith)
FACE2FACE: Pharmacist Teaching Fellow (Esther Lim)
MANAGEMENT CONUNDRUM: An Opportunity, Threat Or Both?
AU COURANT: Proceedings of the Celtic Conference 2019 
LEADERSHIP: Getting The Basics Of Leadership Right

January 2019

A Pharmacy Technician-led Service To An Orthopaedic Elective Surgical Ward (Ashley Bell)
What Are The Critical Components For, And Obstacles To, Implementing Person-centred, Coordinated Care? (Ben Hannan)
FACE2FACE: Physical Activity Clinical Champion (Lauren Worrall)
MANAGEMENT CONUNDRUM:  What Does The Future Hold For Pharmacy?
LEADERSHIP: Know Yourself – Dealing With Difficult Situations

October 2018

DOOP Kit, Domestic Bin Or Watery Grave? A Study Investigating Disposal Practices Of Transdermal Drug Delivery Products In Care Homes (Dr Liz Breen, Hadar Zaman, Elizabeth McCullough and Sabah Iqbal)
Multidisciplinary Blended Learning – Diabetes Management In The Black Country (Dr Hana Morrissey and Professor Patrick Ball)
CLARION CALL: The Pharmacy Profession And Integrated Care Systems: Are Your Soft Skills Up To The Mark? (Sally Bower)
AU COURANT: UKCPA: Supporting You To Support Your Patients (Sarah Carter)
CLIP Experience (Ted Butler, Jill Cruickshank, Karen Miller and Heather Dalrymple)
Presentation Skills (Dr Glenda Fleming and Rachael Lemon)
FACE2FACE: Doctoral Training Fellow (Justine Tomlinson)
LEADERSHIP: Why It’s Good To Be Selfish

July 2018

Risk-Based Thinking: A Holistic Approach For Pharmacy Practice (Dr Titus De Silva)
Clinical Pharmacy In Australia And The UK: How Close Are They Now And Are They Set For Closer Collaboration? (Ammy Lam)
CLARION CALL: A Targeted Care Home Medication Review Service (Hiral Khoda Vyas and Sarah Crotty)
FACE2FACE: Stopping Over-Medication Of People With A Learning Disability, Autism Or Both (STOMP) (David Gerrard)
MANAGEMENT CONUNDRUM: A Matter Of Interpretation!
LEADERSHIP: The Motivation Monster

April 2018

Factors Influencing The Patient Choice Of Community Pharmacy For Opioid Replacement Treatment In NHS Lanarkshire (Duncan Hill, Kim Creechan, Lori Robertson and Sara Nickkho-Amiry)
Community Pharmacy Education Survey Report In NHS Grampian (Kay Morgan and Blair Watt)
CLARION CALL: The Pharmacy Profession – ‘Competence To Confidence’: One Pharmacist’s quest to discover how we can enhance our confidence, value ourselves and our profession, and see ourselves equal to other healthcare professionals (Jill Cruickshank)
FACE2FACE: National Homecare Medicines Pharmacist (Susan Gibert)
LEADERSHIP: Time To Chill Out!

January 2018

Improving Medicines Safety In A Mental Health Trust: The Role Of The Medicines Safety Officer
(Seema Shah, Michele Sie and Deborah Baidoo)

Team Coaching To Optimise Clinical Service Development (Professor Nina Barnett and Dr Angie Herrmann)
FACE2FACE: National Clinical Lead (NCL) For The Area Drug And Therapeutics Committee (ADTC) Collaborative In Healthcare Improvement Scotland (Sharon Pfleger)
MANAGEMENT CONUNDRUM: Let’s Stop This Confusion About Who Should Prescribe What!
LEADERSHIP: So, Tell Me What You Want, What You Really, Really Want!

October 2017

Redesigning Hospital Pharmacy Out-of-Hours Services: A Service Evaluation Pilot (James Musk, Liz Jamieson, Tim Hills and Guy Wilkes)
Survey Of Job Satisfaction And Future Intentions Of Community Pharmacists In Wolverhampton, England
(Amandeep Johal, Dr Hana Morrissey and Professor Patrick Ball)

FACE2FACE: Consultant Pharmacist, Respiratory And Sleep Medicine (Gráinne d’Ancona)
LEADERSHIP: A Change of thought

July 2017

Impact Of An Integrated Medicines Management Service (IMMS) On Preventable Medicines-related Readmission To Hospital:
A Pilot Parallel Cohort Study (Professor Nina Barnett, Krupa Dave, Devinder Athwal, Paresh Parmar, Sunaina Kahe and Christine Ward)

Competency-Based Learning Needs Analysis Of Pharmacists At Western Health And Social Care Trust (Kathryn S. King and Dr. Alison J. Gifford)
CLARION CALL: A Retired Industrial Pharmacist’s Tale: What I Wish I Had Known Before (Dr Malcolm E Brown)
FACE2FACE: Home Oxygen Service Review (HOS-R) Pharmacist (Ameet Vaghela)
LEADERSHIP: How To Be A Success At Failure

April 2017

Developing A Bespoke Electronic Aseptic Compounding Management System (ACMS): A Pre-implementation Overview
(Dr Emily R Smith and Andy Fox)

A Perfect Week For Hospital Pharmacy (David Gibson, Jan Forlow, Jane Robson and Jill Davison)
The Role Of A Preregistration Trainee Pharmacist In Primary Care (Sarah Crotty and Muhannad Daas)
FACE2FACE: Critical Care Pharmacist (Catherine McKenzie)
LEADERSHIP: Choose Life: Getting Your Work-Life Balance Right By Managing Your Time Effectively!

January 2017

FACE2FACE: Dietetic Project Manager (Sue Williams)
Consultation On Changes To Gluten-free Prescribing Guidance In Buckinghamshire (Alison Smith)
LEADERSHIP: Bouncebackability - The Art And Science Of Resilience
Pharmacists In General Practice (Finlay Royle)
Contribution Of A Pharmacist To The Rapid Response Service In Prevention Of Medicines-related Admissions (Professor Nina Barnett, Anisha Patel, Devinder Kalsi)

October 2016

CLARION CALL - Resources for Antimicrobial Stewardship in the East of England UK Hospitals (Emma Cramp and Aneeka Chavda)
Development Of A Tariff Based Approach To Supportive Medicines For Adult Chemotherapy (Colin Ward)
Get Carter (Duane McLean)
The Hospital Medicine Supply Chain – Why Get Carter? (Allan Karr)
FACE2FACE: Medicines Homecare Manager (Reuben Morgan)
LEADERSHIP: Words Are Like Weapons; They Wound Sometimes

July 2016

New Ways Of Pharmacy Team Working Within Acute Hospital Services in NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde (Angela Munday and Ruth Forrest)
Pharmacies - Get Ready To Move To The Cloud (Dr Titus De Silva and Dr Sam De Silva)
CLARION CALL: Community Pharmacy DOT Service For TB Treatment - A Pharmacist’s Experience
(Sian Evans and Nathan Davies)

FACE2FACE: Specialist Respiratory Case Management Pharmacist (Carla Jones)
LEADERSHIP: Under The Influence

April 2016

The Contribution Of Hospital Pharmacy To Preventing Admissions And Reducing Readmissions To Hospitals (Jill Davison, Neil Gammack, Dr. Julia Blagburn, David Gibson, Steven Barrett, Richard Copeland)
Evaluating The Impact Of A Pharmacy Homecare Team At Kettering General Hospital (Anusha Patel)
The Governance Framework Supporting The Scottish Pharmacy Pre-registration Scheme (Stephen Peddie, Dr Ailsa Power, Professor Rose Marie Parr)
CLARION CALL: Peer Support For Hospital Chief Pharmacists – The East Of England Experience (Dr Richard Needle, Dr Mary Evans, Professor Carol Farrow, Dr Jan Tomes)
FACE2FACE: Senior Clinical Pharmacist (Non-Medical Prescriber): Community Mental Health Team (Chris Fyfe)
MANAGEMENT CONUNDRUM: What Makes You Think A Pharmacist Is Suitable To Work In A GP Practice?
LEADERSHIP: The Force Has Clearly Awoken: What Has Star Wars Taught Us About Leadership And Management?

January 2016

Reducing the length of stay (Scott Pegler and Sarah Robinson)
How Pharmacists Can Help Patients Reduce Their Alcohol Intake: A Guide To New And Existing Treatments (Emma McClay)
Facilitating A Timely Discharge: Transformation Of A Hospital Pharmacy Service (Natalie Robinson, Joan Wareham, Kath Ward)
FACE2FACE: Compliance Aid Pharmacist (Gillian Murray)
CLARION CALL: C-Reactive Protein (CRP) As A Point Of Care Test (POCT) To Assist In The Management Of Patients Presenting With Symptoms Of Respiratory Tract Infection - A New Role For Community Pharmacists? (Prof. Jonathan Cooke)
MANAGEMENT CONUNDRUM: New Medicines Service – Making It Better
LEADERSHIP: If You Meet Buddha On The Road, Kill Him!

October 2015

A Collaborative Working Initiative To Improve The Physical Health Monitoring Of Long Stay Learning
Disabled Patients In A Mental Health Hospital (David Gerrard)
A Quality Management System For Pharmacy Practice (Titus De Silva)
The TTO Journey: How Much Of It Is Actually In Pharmacy? (Green CF, Hunter L, Jones L and Morris K.)
FACE2FACE  (Rishi Rampersad)
MANAGEMENT CONUNDRUM: Tweeting? Pause For Thought!
LEADERSHIP: Every Journey Of 1,000 Miles Starts With A Single Step: The Art And Science Of Kaizen
ADVERTORIAL: The ‘Sunshine Rule’ (Rina Newton, Managing Director, CompliMed Ltd)

July 2015

Introduction Of Ward-Based Pharmacy Teams At Harrogate And District NHS Foundation Trust (Janet Hobson)
How Do Community Pharmacists Envisage Their Future In Five Years Time? (Michael Wilcock and Geoff Harding)
Supporting Work Placements For Young People With Learning Disabilities Or Autism – A Case Study (Ewan Maule)
CLARION CALL: Working Together To Improve The Patient Experience: Community Pharmacies As Placement Learning Opportunities For Pre–Registration Nurses (Jacqui Hutchinson)
Is Our South East London Area Prescribing Committee Working To Best Practice, Or Could We Be Even Better? (Vanessa Burgess and Devika Sennik)
FACE2FACE (Stacy Hannah)
MANAGEMENT CONUNDRUM: Grasping The Nettle Of Independent Prescribing
LEADERSHIP: Do Not Forget To Feed Your Chimp!
SPONSORED ARTICLE: Medicines Optimisation and Pharmacy: Guidelines in the Modern NHS - Challenges and Opportunities: An Executive Summary of presentations given at a workshop

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