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September 2021

An observational study of hospital deprescribing activity communicated to primary care (Mike Wilcock, Pollyanna Bastian and Alison Hill)
A clinical audit to determine whether intravenous naloxone is prescribed and administered according to Trust guidelines in adult patients at Western Sussex Hospital NHS Foundation Trust (Naomi Burns)
Patients’ view of a Pharmacist-led clinic in a UK Teaching Hospital (Aaron Acquaye, Halimah.O Bakare and Prof Sunil Bhandari)
Sponsored Articles: Actions speak louder than words: How pharmacists can help make respiratory care greener (Dr Anna Murphy)

June 2021

The development of a Trust Frailty Strategy (Helena Stimpson and Karen Varisco)
Hospital pharmacy team supporting the valproate pregnancy prevention programme (Michael Wilcock, Liam Bastian and Ann Cardell)
Pharmacy Declares (Tracy Lyons and Professor Angela Alexander)
Sponsored Article: Getting It Right First Time (GIRFT) – Dermatology A Clear Path to Clear Skin: A Pharmacist’s Perspective (Anusha Patel)

March 2021

Reducing Plastic waste from Inhalers in General practice (Sam Appiah-Anane)
The Medication Safety Minute – Microlearning in Medicine (Eileen Relihan, Dr Finbarr O’ Connell and Dr Una Kennedy,)
Medicines optimisation for Muslim patients during the month of Ramadhan: A guide for healthcare professionals (Saqlain Shah)
Type 2 Diabetes Structured Medication Review (SMR) and Holistic Review Checklist (Michelle Lam)

December 2020

Ranitidine shortages following international recall: implications on pre-medication regimens to prevent hypersensitivity reactions for oncology treatments (Andrew Walker and Mindaugas Rudokas)
Shared decision making (Laura Picton)
Optimise, align and strengthen capacity of advanced pharmacy practice to guarantee high quality patient care – the IBD model in the UK (Anja St. Clair Jones)
Tackling overuse of short-acting beta-2 agonists (SABAs) in asthma in primary care (Mihir Varia)

September 2020


Pharmacist-prompted deprescribing of problematic polypharmacy in hospital – slow at starting to stop? (Andrew Bastin, Vincent Tsoi and Mike Wilcock)
Creating an effective and safe respiratory medicines optimisation and cost-saving programme (Darush Attar-Zadeh)
Implementing a pharmacist-led medicines optimisation clinic in a community mental health team (Seema Vekaria, Chetan Shah, Professor Nina Barnett and Georgia Michael)
A study to explore people’s expectations and experiences with medication prescribing (Yasser Thamer, Hana Morrissey and Patrick Ball)
Case History: Post Discharge Domiciliary Pharmacist Home Visit (09/10/2019) (Ian Nash)
Sponsored article: Is non-tuberculous mycobacterial lung disease on your radar?

March 2020

Review to explore optimising access to pharmacy services in General Practice (Dina Davis and Professor Nina Barnett)
Respiratory Medicines Optimisation in Primary Care - how to create an effective cost saving programme (Hetal Dhruve, Sagal Hash and Rozalia Enti)
A pharmacist working in an outpatient clinic improves safety for patients with Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) (Helen Morgan, Wei Jian Tan, Professor Vanessa Marvin, Dr Alan Steel and Dr Mahmood Wahed)

September 2019 (Issue 13)

Evaluation of the clinical and cost effectiveness of a standardised protocol for infliximab dosing in adult inflammatory bowel disease (Glen Cooper)
An evaluation of the suitability, feasibility and acceptability of diabetes group consultations in Brigstock Medical Practice (Dipti Gandh and Georgina Craig)
Patient satisfaction of a homecare service to adults living with Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) (Helena Szpytman and Professor Nina Barnett)

March 2019 (Issue 12)

Personal reflection on the antimicrobial pharmacist independent prescriber role in the diabetic foot team (Dr Naomi M Fleming)
Using hospital ePrescribing data to support medicines reconciliation in GP practices post hospital discharge (Richard Cottrell and Lynn Carleton)
Patient Experience: Running a medication review service for care home residents in Norwich (Jenny Desborough and Jen Carroll)

September 2018 (Issue 11)

Medicines optimisation in older people (MOOP); the journey from pilot to permanent service (Dr Ruth Miller)
How effective are primary care pharmacists at running dyspepsia clinics for patients prescribed PPIs? (Dr Duncan Petty, Jane Allan, Dr Richard Dawson and Dr Jonathan Silcock)
Patient Experience: A dip into GP management of urinary tract infection in the elderly (Kathryn Wisner, Mike Wilcock and Kirsty Philp)
Undergraduate Education for Medicines Optimisation Principle 1: The ‘Socialisation Internship’ and views from Mosaic Clubhouse, one of the
partner organisations (Janique Waghorn, Barry Jubraj, Maresa Ness)

Au Courant: PRIMM 29th Annual Scientific Meeting, 26th January 2018, London - Optimising Medicines – Factoring in Frailty (Janet Krska)

March 2018 (Issue 10)

Accessing the Latest Medicines Information and Minimising Error (Dr Anne Aboaja, Fiona Mack, Eduardo Ensaldo-Currasco and
Dr Alexandra Stirzaker)

A checklist approach to support safe discharge – work in progress (Paul Buller, Sally Miles, Mike Wilcock and Olivia Gammon)
Patient Perspectives: Patient Satisfaction Survey of a Clinical Pharmacist/Independent Prescriber in a Specialist Heart Failure Clinic (Janine Beezer)

September 2017 (Issue 9)

Community pharmacists and antimicrobial stewardship – what is their role? (Michael Wilcock, Kathryn Wisner, Fiona Lee)
Diabetes and Kidney Disease: The Challenging Duo - review article (Michelle Lam)
Patient Perspective: Coeliac Disease

June 2017 (Issue 8)

Proactive Care in Care Homes: Role of Pharmacists (Krupa Dave and Caroline Goh)
Medicines Optimisation and Patient Safety: NIHR CLAHRC Learning Event, held 16th January 2017 (Susan Barber and Barry Jubraj)
Patient Perspective: Hypermobile Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome (hEDS)
The potential for interactive IT to improve medicines management in the future (Ian Nash)

March 2017 (Issue 7)

Critical Appraisal - a tool to make sense of research papers (Phil Wiffen)
Medicines Optimisation Innovation Centre (MOIC) (Professor Michael G Scott and Dr Glenda Fleming)
Patient Perspective: Cervical Osteoarthritis (Spondylosis)
Patient Perspective: Breast Cancer

December 2016 (Issue 6)

Improving pharmacy consultations for older people with disabilities (Professor Nina Barnett)
ROMEPAD (Review Of Medicines for Elderly Patients after Discharge): A pilot study in domiciliary and care home settings (Sally Bower and Heather Smith)
Patient Perspectives: Trigeminal neuralgia
Patient Perspectives: Dopa-responsive dystonia/Early-onset Parkinsonism

September 2016 (Issue 5)

Medicines Optimisation – extracting the last vestiges of value from your medicines (Dr Liz Breen)
Northern Ireland Medicines Optimisation - a Model for Innovation and Change (Dr Mark Timoney and Cathy Harrison)
Timing of the first vancomycin maintenance dose in an acute adult hospital setting – room for improvement?
(Andrew Carruthers, Dr Alison H Thomson, Yvonne Semple and Dr Rachael Rodger)

June 2016 (Issue 4)

Medicines Optimisation Outreach Case Management Clinics for COPD Patients (Dr Ruth Miller, Carla Jones, Anne Friel, Dr Rose Sharkey, Brendan Moore and Deborah Clifford)
Adherence with Oral Chemotherapy in a Cancer Unit in Northern Ireland (Conor Doyle, Dr Simon White and Dr Lizzie Mills)
A Patient Perspective: Renal Pain
Royal Pharmaceutical Society Principles of Medicines Optimisation: Interview with Catherine Picton, Lead author, RPS Principles of Medicines Optimisation and Healthcare Consultant (Barry Jubraj)

March 2016 (Issue 3)

A carer’s perspective on medicines optimisation (Barry Jubraj)
Developments in Practice: Pharmacy innovation at discharge - impact of pharmacist non-medical
prescribing on quality and streamlining processes (Alan Physick, Katie Smolski, Simon Mann, and Gareth Price)

Reducing antipsychotic use in patients with dementia (Sally-Jane Hamilton and Jackie Smith)

December 2015 (Issue 2)

A patient perspective of living with a diagnosis of asthma (Luke Lawrence)
Involving patients and public: a view from the gallery (Graham Prestwich)
The impact of a pharmacist review of patients with enduring mental health needs – an evaluation of consultant psychiatrist opinions (Andrew Walker)
A Pilot to Review Patients with Long Term Conditions in the Community Pharmacy Setting via Remote Access to GP Patient Records (Raymond Anderson)
A benefits study of Summary Care Records use in hospital medicines reconciliation and their impact (Louise Cotton and Anna Lay)

September 2015 (Issue 1)

Medicines Optimisation … the story so far (Clare Howard)
Perspectives and Insights: A patient perspective of what is required for effective medicines optimisation (Wesley D Scott)
Medicines Optimisation in frail, older adults with Multiple Long Term Conditions (Lelly Oboh)
How insights into what matters to people can help us optimise medicines (Georgina Craig)
Developments in Practice: CHAMOIS project (Care Homes And Medicines Optimisation Implementation Service) (Sally Bower and Helen Whiteside)
Medicines Optimisation for patients with Treatment Resistant Schizophrenia: designing and implementing an automated clozapine prescription ordering system (James Lee and Deborah Marriott)
Medicines Optimisation in Cardiovascular Disease. We are not there yet! (Helen Williams)








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