Tour de Forum… Are we there yet?!

Without doubt, the Tour de France was an outstanding success here in England.

As the event now continues its journey through the French streets and countryside, it got me thinking about our own journey…

  • In 2012 our National Forum commenced with “Making the Journey”
  • This was a stunning success, so last year we came up with our snappy Forum title of “The Journey Continues”
  • And so to 2014… where we have naturally progressed to “Are we there yet?”

I’m sure many a Tour cyclist is currently asking the question: “Are we there yet”?!

And the answer is:

No, not yet guys… A few more weeks to go yet.

And for most of you – but sadly not Chris Froome or Mark Cavendish – you will get there.

The cyclists spend many years training their bodies for maximum performance and in the same way we need to train ourselves to get the most out of our chosen profession.

So, can we help you take the lead with the ‘Yellow Jersey’?

Someone once said that “knowledge is power”

At our Forum, you will get to learn about and share ideas and best practice in medicines optimisation.

It is a collaborative learning environment where the NHS and Industry partners come together to work to improve patient care.

So, please do come along to the Novotel on 18th November wheel (we’ll) make sure you’re on the right track for success!

Still not convinced?

How about the fact that we also have Top ‘Spokes’ persons including: Steve Head (Fellow of the Institute of Sales and Marketing Management) and Deborah Evans FRPharmS (Director of Pharmacy, Pharmacy Management)

Ride on…


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