One day Like This

Without admitting anything, there may have been occasions in life on which we have woken up on the morning after muttering “Never again”.
Your writer has not touched sliced beef in black bean and oyster sauce since such a day in 1974 when it seemed just the thing shortly after midnight and not such a good idea at 4 o’clock.
The Pharmacy Management National Forum isn’t like that.
We have to wake up each day determined that we aren’t going back to the way pharmacy was on the morning of the 18th.
There were so many good ideas from so many colleagues that we feel safe in saying that everyone must have found something there that made them feel tomorrow’s practice will be better.
Whether it was Deborah Evans’ mum or Steve Head’s wheelchair rugby kicker that gripped you, or simply Bruce Warner’s passion for prevention, if you weren’t encouraged to change your practice, we’ll be surprised.
The messages of the Forum weren’t about one day.
They have to change every day, and Pharmacy Management will be reinforcing and developing them throughout the coming year – and beyond.
Thanks for coming. Keep in touch.

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